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(Solid-State High Frequency Induction heater)

    Induction heater heating machine Solid State Mosfet IGBT President Honor () Induction heater 30 CEIA CE

     50 4-5 ø 40-ø100. 1800

Induction heater



    High frequency inductive heater is suitable for heating any metal. It is depending on different application has varies frequency, such as higher frequency, high frequency, medium- high frequency and medium frequency Inductive heater. All the devices are solid-state technology manufactured and dedicated to precision brazing, tin soldering, hardening, heating, forging and melting. The optical sensor temperature controller,auto wire feeder, protective gas can match with all above units.

    Founded in 1979 Taipei Taiwan, P-Honor start in optical and spectacle frame business with Germany. We are working with CEIA group, and were the first to introduce such solid state inductive heater in Taiwan, Asia in 1990. In 1998, we built factories in both Taiwan and Donguan/ China, manufacturing high-frequency inductive heater meeting Asian buyers demands. In 2005, we renamed the Donguan branch and also set up in Thailand President Honor Industrial Ltd. Upgraded production technology and quality, eventually turning our heaters into brand of world. We offer VCD on your request also.

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